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The World’s largest super-yacht is to be turned into a giant floating hotel in the heart of Docklands.

The 170m Aquiva has been given permission to moor permanently near the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf, where its owners hope it will become one of London's premier luxury hotels for the next 50 years.

When the yacht is completed, it will have seven decks and will sit 23m above the water line. It will be able to sleep more than 300 people and will contain a private members' club, luxury spa and several restaurants.

The vessel will dwarf the 147m 200m super-yacht Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has on order. It will also be 15m longer than the Barclays HQ Tower is tall - the equivalent of one and a half football pitches.

Its owners hope that it will be in place at South Dock in time for the 2012 Olympics after planning permission was given by Tower Hamlets Council last Friday.

Steve Tight of Aquiva said: "We hope to bring a unique experience so visitors to London can enjoy the super-yacht lifestyle. Obviously in the current economic climate there are technical and financial issues to iron out but the plan is to get the Aquiva in place for 2012."

by Steve Myall


minimalistic space