Hotel Concept Design

RMD were appointed as Aquiva Developments main conceptual and interior design consultants on this international hotel project.

In addition RMD also took the role of master planners designing not only the yacht and its interior but also the infastructure which included a marina , island and leisure facilities such as restaurants , a spas and conference centre.

The Aquiva Super yacht hotel is designed to be integrated into a number of island concept designs. These are private islands that have private access that allows for the freedom to arrive by land or water. Upon arrival via the main terminal and aside from the facilities available on the Superyacht Hotel, the islands include a variety of business / leisure experiences to cater to ones needs.

A marina with full water sports experience is complemented by the integral tranquility of the spa facilities available. The Health clubs and gymnasium are an integral part of the island layout and benefit from the options of being indoor/outdoor. These are complimented by the number of full indoor/outdoor dining experience available.

There is the option to be a resident on the island by either owning an apartment on the super yacht hotel, a house on the island or one of the yacht resendencies.

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