The concept design stage runs concurrently with the planning permission stage to enable an efficient timeframe to be maintained.

Concept design presents the ideas from the planning stage as sketch perspectives, enabling the client to understand the proposed scheme in 3D. The interior 3D views are produced as hand-sketched perspectives, with colour added later to define material finishes so we can communicate our ideas clearly.

RMD also sources the appropriate material finishes and presents material boards for our clients to get an idea of the look and feel of the finished project.

If a space is particularly complicated architecturally, RMD creates a basic computer-generated 3D model of the area for discussion. This enables the client to review the space from all angles and get an accurate feel of actually being in the space.

As the project develops, RMD can take these initial perspectives and fully render them to a photo-realistic standard. In addition we can animate a real-time walk-through of the proposed scheme.

RMD’s aim is to fully involve its clients in the design process by helping them to visualise our ideas while reducing the effort involved in the planning and management stage.

Throughout the concept stage we update the budget costs for review and continue to manage the planning submission process.

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