Planning Application

With costs approved and initial plans reviewed, RMD prepares a drawing package to submit to the following local borough departments:

  • Planning
  • Building control
  • Conservation
  • Listed buildings

Depending on the scope of the project it is possible that only some or in fact none of the above applications are required. In some cases structural alterations and extensions can be approved via a permitted development certificate. RMD is highly experienced in this area and actively advises each client on the most efficient route to take.

All drawing packages produced at this stage include the initial survey drawings, proposed plans and elevations including structural drawings for building control. In addition, ancillary information such as party wall permission and build-over certification are also provided if required.

RMD recommends a selection of fully qualified consultants to work with them on all projects, while being equally happy to work with our client’s own consultants as well. The consultants who may be required on a project are:

  • Party wall surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Quality surveyor
  • Builder
  • Project manager
Planning Applications
Planning Application[Click plans to enlarge] Planning Application