RMD prides itself in listening carefully to its clients’ requirements.

We take a detailed brief regarding the scope of the work and ensure we fully understand and document the client’s personal style preferences, spatial requirements and aspirations.

We challenge assumptions and strive to enhance our client’s vision. We discuss how you would like to use your home, whether there is a requirement to work from home, whether space for a family with children is a key consideration, or whether the space is destined for a duel function and needs to be flexible to various uses.

We consider whether a technological consideration needs to be integrated and look at a variety of issues that need to be raised. During this process we aim to inspire the client with new ideas for consideration so as to ensure the maximum potential is realised for each project.

All of this information is analysed, documented and submitted to our clients for approval and referred to throughout the project in order to achieve continuity.

Building Review

While inspecting the building, RMD reviews the interior from a structural perspective and carries out a preliminary feasibility study to confirm that the aspirations for the project can be met.

To summarise, at the end of the brief-taking process we would have considered the following key issues:

Project review

We reference other projects completed by RMD with a similar specification to use as a template for discussing the quality of design and the estimated costs.

Client requirements

We understand the key requirements of the client and ensure these are fully incorporated into the brief.

Design solutions

We discuss all planning and building control issues along with design solutions and options.


We review and report any constraints that may impact the client’s aspirations for the interior.


We discuss how equity in the property can be maximised.

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Design Brief Services