The detailed design is the final stage of the design process and commences when all permissions have been granted and the client has signed off the concept design and associated budget costs.

This stage involves RMD producing a 2D CAD package of measured drawings that are shared with the builder to ensure the design is fully adhered to during the build process.

This information includes details for furniture, joinery and stone work, a fully considered lighting and audio-visual plan and a full specification document.

RMD aims to create a bullet-proof system of cross-referenced information to ensure that all suppliers and subcontractors work on the construction with a clear understanding of the expected level of quality and with all responsibilities well defined.

In addition, the detailed design package may be forwarded onto a quantity surveyor to confirm the final project costs and produce a tender package to get quotes from various builders and specialist suppliers.

The specification document details all the individual fixtures and fittings to be carefully selected for the project. Each item is referenced individually, with details of the manufacturer and special requirements and finishes. All items in the document are cross-referenced to the detailed design package through a numbered coding system.

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Detailed Design And SpecifyingDetailed Design And SpecifyingDetailed Design And SpecifyingDetailed Design And SpecifyingDetailed Design And Specifying